Fun Red, White & Blue Turkey

Red, White & Blue Turkey

In celebration of American Thanksgiving this year we’ve created a fun food, Red, White & Blue Turkey.       Sugar Free Thanksgiving dessert Fruit Turkey


– Blueberries

– Red Apple
– Pepitas


1. Make a body from a cluster of blueberries.

RW & B Turkey - 1 Body-0227

2. Then form a head.

RW & B Turkey - 2 head-0228

3. Begin adding slices of apple for the tail.

RW & B Turkey - 3 tail-0229

4. And continue all the way round the body.

RW & B Turkey - 4 finish tail-0230

5. Give her some apple and blueberry feet.

RW & B Turkey - 5 legsl-0231

6. Then a face from apple.

RW & B Turkey - 6 face-0232

7. Add some red wattles.

RW & B Turkey - 7 wattles-0233

8. And finish with ground made from chopped pepitas.

Fun food art Fruit Turkey

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