Fun Oaty Tiger

Oaty Tiger

Breakfast can be so much fun.

Here’s our fun food, Oaty Tiger.        Fun breakfasts for kids Tiger


– Oatmeal

– Mandarin

– Orange

– Raisins

– Plum

– Coconut threads


1. Make a circle for the face.

Oaty Tiger - 1 face-001

2. Add some ears.

Oaty Tiger - 2 ears-003

3. And a nose.

Oaty Tiger - 3 nose-004

4. Then some eyes from mandarin and raisins.

Oaty Tiger - 4 eyes-006

5. Give him a raisin nose.

Oaty Tiger - 5 nose-007

6. Then a mouth.

Oaty Tiger - 6 mouth-008

7. Use the orange for his fur.

Oaty Tiger - 7 fur-009

8. And some dark plum for contrast.

Oaty Tiger - 8 extra hair-010

9. Then I removed the fur from the top of the head and gave him some coconut whiskers.

Fun food art Oat Tiger

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