Fun Rudolph Oatmeal

Rudolph Oatmeal

Let’s make a lovely, nourishing Christmas breakfast!

Here’s our fun food, Rudolph Oatmeal.

Fun food art Rudolph Oatmeal


– Oatmeal

– Strawberries

– Blueberries


1. Form the oatmeal into the shape of a head (I tipped it out of a small bowl to get the initial circle).

Rudolph Oatmeal - 1 oatmeal-0229

2. Cut antlers from two halves of a large strawberry.

Rudolph Oatmeal - 2 antlers-0230

3. Add a shiny nose.

Rudolph Oatmeal - 3 nose-0231

4. And some strawberry ears.

Rudolph Oatmeal - 4 ears-0232

5. Bright blueberry eyes.

Rudolph Oatmeal - 5 eyes-0234

6. And finish with some coconut snow, if you wish …

Rudolph Oatmeal breakfast

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