Max’s Moral Stand

Max’s Moral Stand

So my lovely Max has just started at Intermediate School. It’s a big step up in terms of maturity and responsibility. Now he needs to leave a lot earlier for school, catch the train to and fro and generally be more independent. It’s been such a positive move for him and he’s loving it all. Mon night he came home from school and asked whether he could go vegetarian. We discussed his reasons for choosing to do this and he explained what he was thinking and what he had researched. I said that it wasn’t a problem but a little more warning may have been helpful. To which he replied “we eat so many veggies anyway it’s not exactly going to be a huge difference!” True ….

Healthy kids Lunchboxes

I’m getting into my stride now so today for lunch he has corn, a nectarine, a plum, mixed chopped veg, veggie nori rolls (no rice just veggies) and to go in the thermos a jacket potato and cheese). There is also a totally sugar free (as in no sugar or sugar substitutes) quinoa muffin. I don’t bake for my boys … poor neglected little mites .. but I do test recipes for my programs and then they are the very willing recipients of the samples 🙂

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