Rice Paper Rolls

Rice Paper Rolls

Fun, healthy lunches Rice paper rolls

Yesterday I was doing a big kitchen stint (when I have time I bulk cook) as today and tomorrow we have after school activities that limit what I can do for dinner. I had 250gms of mince beef that needed using and also had to step up and provide Max with some exciting vegetarian fare. Decided to make some rice paper rolls. As I had water boiling and frying pans going it wasn’t a big deal. Did mince, fried mushrooms and broccoli plus ginger for Roy & Joe. For Max (at his behest) I did raw, crushed peanuts, chopped lettuce, sesame & tamari, raw mushrooms, brown rice noodles and grated cheese (not very Asian with the cheese I know but it was the compromise and actually tasted OK!!). Max got 4 rice paper rolls and Joe 3 plus some chick pea crackers and I know they will love this lunch. A little different and something they will really enjoy. Go Mum!!

Fun vegetarian Lunchboxes Rice paper rolls

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