Egg-free Quiche

Egg-free Quiche

Yes I know “Egg-free Quiche” is a bit like “tyre-free car” and it was the first thing Max said .. “Mum, aren’t quiches made from eggs?” Well yes, generally they are however as part of my prep for the GF & Allergy Show this weekend I have been testing all sorts of things. Egg-free recipes have been a focus as it’s not something we generally do but of course eggs are a common allergen. The quiches turned out to be a total winner. All three boys gave them the tick – YES!!! So today Max has 4 kumara (sweet potato) mini, egg-free quiches, a slice of zucchini pizza and ironically 2 cooked egg yolks!!

Healthy vegetarian lunchbox
Joe has pretty much the same but traded the yolks and 2 quiches for a sausage.

Healthy kids Lunchboxes

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