Fun Papaya Giraffe

Papaya Giraffe

 When I lived in Asia papaya/paw paw was very popular. I generally love any fruit but just didn’t fall for papaya straight away. Once I’d tried it with a squeeze of lime juice though I was hooked and ate it every day after lunch. I was devastated to return to Aus and find out how expensive it was and it became a rare treat.

I picked some up at the markets here in Wellington and was delighted as were the boys and so I needed to find a fun food, simple and creative outlet for the fruit. Giraffes are the right colour and who doesn’t love these amazing animals?

Healthy snacks for kids giraffe

Papaya is a great dessert/snack food, packed with soluble fibre, more Vit C than lemons and loads of Vit A and B-Vits too. OK enough of that, but they are excellent from a nutritional standpoint!


– Small papaya/paw paw (melon would be a great substitute)

– Grapes – I used dark ones for the tree trunks and red ones for the detail on the giraffe (or plum/pear)

– Kiwi fruit – for the tree leaves (or green apple slices)


1. I cut the papaya into lots of little chunks and then built those into a “head” shape.

Papaya Giraffe - 1 Head

2. Then added cut papaya for ears and ossicones (yep, I am assured they are neither horns nor antlers but ossicones).

Papaya Giraffe - 2 Ears & horns

3. And then I cut larger slices and built a neck.

Papaya Giraffe - 3 + Neck

4. I cut red grapes into small pieces to make up the detail for the neck.

Papaya Giraffe - 4 + Neck Detail

5. And used the grapes for the eyes and nostrils. Roy reckons the nostrils are too high on the face and I think he’s probably right so maybe move down a bit. I would love to reach into the photo and do myself but ….

Papaya Giraffe - 4 1-2 - + Eyes & Nostrils

6. I used dark grapes to form the trunks of the trees.

Papaya Giraffe - 5 + Trunks

7. And then slices of kiwi fruit for the leaves.

Healthy snack giraffe

8. I thought it needed something buzzing around so added some slices of black grape.

Healthy food for children giraffe

Delicious and gobbled in seconds by the mini chefs ….

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.

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