My Food Philosophy

My Food Philosophy

For me food is about love, enjoyment, nurturing, family and entertainment. Our house is always one of plenty with piles of steaming veggies and carb and protein dishes with rich sauces and smells. We all love our food and look forward to, discuss and plan our meals. I now have two very discerning, if small, critics who will score my meals and offer suggestions for improvement. How I let that happen I still do not know ?!?!

For me it is about providing balanced, healthy meals but it’s so much more than that too. Taste is paramount. There is no point serving something that is nutritionally sound but has the appeal of cardboard & sawdust. My husband would be the first to tell me not so subtly that it was not a “do again” dish.

Presentation for me is everything. It is true that we eat with our eyes first and the better it looks the more appealing it is. This doesn’t mean that every meal has to be in the shape of the Empire State Building but it does mean that colour, smell and “plating” are important. Now admittedly I take this to an extreme (as my friends are fond of reminding me) and even when the boys were tiny I would add a cherry tomato or sprig of parsley just to balance the colour combinations. However, I make no excuses for making a big effort on presentation whether it be a lunch box or a main family meal and the positive reaction from my “guests” makes it all worthwhile.

I am on the food continuum working my way gradually but steadily towards a healthier and healthier diet for all of us. I continually adjust our family meals and think how I can produce delicious meals without including anything that is not fresh and fabulous. It is a challenge but an inspiring and exciting one. I hope you will join us on our quest to find the best food that can be found on a budget and by those of us who are always short of time.

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