Why I Feed My Kids Healthy Food

For me this has always seemed so obvious. The better I feed my children, the better they will feel and develop. Moreover I know I am doing everything in my power to enable them to achieve their genetic potential. I have not always got it all right (although refined sugar was never on the menu) but have been fine tuning the rest of the diet as we’ve all learnt.

I know myself that if I eat well, exercise and get outside I feel 100% better than when I have an over-indulgent weekend on the couch. This must be true of my boys. The better I feed them, the more they exercise the better they must feel.

From all I have read poor nutrition is the root of so many illnesses. Everything from the obvious, to the not so easily defined headaches, constant colds, tiredness, lethargy, bad skin, earaches, fungal infections. Changing the diet can have an almost miraculous impact on one’s health. There is a growing army of nutritionists, dieticians and doctors who proscribe to this theory and look for the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms, often with drugs.

I know from personal experience that my boys sleep super well, are rarely sick (one quick cold per year) and are full of energy, enthusiasm and a zest for life. I know that changing the high sugar, additive filled, trans-fat, white carb, take-away culture we have come to accept as the norm will make all our children feel so much better.

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For me it is a simple equation. The best food in, the best results seen. Our bodies are a finely tuned, incredibly complex machine and for every process executed many vitamins and minerals are indispensable. Missing out on just one of these vitamins or minerals can mean that a critical process is skipped. I was fascinated to read in Dr Charles Krebs book “Nutrition for the Brain” that this is why when we are stressed we forget people’s names. In a very basic nutshell the vital vitamins and minerals are gobbled up to cater to our adrenaline rush and the part of the brain dedicated to “unimportant” tasks, like names misses out.

Moreover, children’s vital organs are still developing, including the brain. This requires the optimal fuel not the cheap grade, budget variety. It stands to reason that short changing the body of the building blocks required to build the premium model could have long term repercussions. It can also reflect in a host of behavioural issues like hyperactivity or the inability to sleep. From what I have read tests have proven a link between diet and behavioural disorders and modifications of food eaten have had dramatic and positive results.

It’s never too late to change and all change, however small is for the good. I am continually looking for better ways to buy, prepare and include/remove foods from our family menu. Max, my 8 year old remarked that we are eating even more healthily now than we did a year ago and he is right. He is now my conscience and that is good!.

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