I have just started to venture into the big, bad and scary world of videos. I can’t promise to upload a plethora of new ones but I will try and make as many as time allows! These will prove that what I say in print really is true – that my designs are in general super easy and quick to put together. You do not have to be arty (as I am certainly not) or have special tools or fancy ingredients and mostly the recipes just take a little bit more effort once the meal is cooked. The rewards however, are obvious. Who does not want to see their beloved ones gulping down healthy food with relish!!

Breakfast Volcano


Underwater Fish Scene.

2 Responses to Videos

  1. Dulcie Carson says:

    I have 8 great-grandchildren, all with busy Mums, and I can get together with them for treats from time to time. Do you have any books I can buy? I think your philosophy is superb, and I’d like to try and make some of your recipes, but I find it easier to read a book, than read a screen.

    • Judith says:

      Thanks Dulcie, that’s lovely to hear. I am currently producing a “Healthy Platter” book which would suit your situation perfectly. I’m hoping to have it published well before Christmas so will send you a copy once available and you can “road test” it for me 🙂 Judith

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