Fun Apple Pigs

Apple Pigs

When Joe realised I was taking special requests he was right in there with pigs (which he is fixated with at the moment).

Here are Joe and my fun food, Apple Pigs.
Fun food art apple pigs


– Red apple

– Raisins

– Almonds (or other nuts/seeds or chopped fruit to make the ground)


1. Cut an oval for the body.

Apple Pigs - 1 body-1

2. Add a circular head.

Apple Pigs - 2 head-1

3. And four legs with a triangle cut out of the end for the trotters.

Apple Pigs - 3 legs-1

4. Slice a semi-circle to make the head fit better then some ears.

Apple Pigs - 4 ears-1

5. Thinly cut a strip of apple skin to make the curly tail.

Apple Pigs - 5 tail-1

6. Then give him a partner with a funky red nose.

Apple Pigs - 6 second pig-1

7. Add some little raisin eyes.

Apple Pigs - 7 eyes & tail-1

8. And the curly tail.

Apple Pigs - 8 nostrils-1

9. A few flaked almonds for the ground.

Apple Pigs - 9 nuts-1

10. Done! Oink Oink …

Fun food Apple Pigs

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