Fun Egg Panda

Egg Panda

Simple eggs, mushrooms and spinach make a lovely start to a morning.

Here’s my cute, fun food panda.

Healthy breakfasts for kids panda


– Egg whites (I poured the lightly baked yolks over it!)

– Dark mushrooms

– Baby spinach (or other edible leaves)


1. I cooked the egg whites in a ring to give them the shape (saving some for the eyes).

Egg Panda - 1 egg-001

2. Then added some mushroom ears.

Egg Panda - 2 ears-002

3. And the iconic blushes around the eyes.

Egg Panda - 3 eye patches-003

4. Then a mushroom nose.

Egg Panda - 4 nose-004

5. With a smiley mouth.

Egg Panda - 5 mouth-006

6. I used a little of the egg white for the irises and then more mushroom for the pupils.

Egg Panda - 6 pupils-007

7. Then added some baby spinach leaves.

Egg Panda - 7 leaves-008

8. And that’s it.

Fun food art panda

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