Fun Apple Lady

Apple Lady

Every now and again I have to do a design that’s more “pink” than usual!

Here’s my fun food, Apple Lady.

Fun food art Apple Dancer


– Red Apple

– Strawberries

– Raisin


1. Use the flesh from the apple to create a face.

Apple Lady - 1 head-1

2. Add strawberry hair.

Apple Lady - 2 hair-1

3. Then raisin eyes.

Apple Lady - 3 eyes-1

4. And an apple ruff.

Apple Lady - 4 ruff-1

5. Slice the apple thinly to form the dress.

Apple Lady - 5 skirt-1

6. Then give her a beautiful strawberry mouth.

Apple Lady - 6 mouth-1

7. And some graceful apple arms.

Apple Lady - 7 arms-1

8. With lovely legs.

Apple Lady - 8 legs-1

9. All finished!

Fun food for picky kids Apple Lady

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