Fun Healthy Party Snacks

Healthy Party Snacks

Max had a communal dinner organised for his new class at school last night to meet the teacher and other parents. He kindly volunteered me to bring a savoury and a sweet dish so I needed to whip something up between school finishing and the party starting. Nothing like a bit of time pressure to get one motivated …

High summer made the dessert an easy choice as there are so many delicious fruits available. I made bite sized, layered fruit cakes and served them on a tiered cake stand that has been buried at the back of successive cupboards for years. Unfortunately I was rushing to have everything done and I’m not the greatest photographer at the best of times, never mind when the sun is streaming in and I have a reflective cake stand. The photos do not do the fruit justice and I apologise for the quality of the pic.

Healthy party snacks

For the savoury option I made “veggie sandwiches”. I used a combination of veggies and interspersed some edam cheese and some cottage cheese to give a different flavour, texture and colour. These were actually eaten more quickly than the fruit. The colours were very vibrant and I think they were interesting as they were unique. Whatever the reason they were all munched with gusto and it heartens me that creative “healthy” options can still be a winner at a party and stack up next to more processed plates.

Veggie Sandwiches - Finished-004

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