Fun Valentine’s Strawberry Heart

Valentine’s Strawberry Heart

Nothing says love and Valentine’s like a heart … and especially a red one!!

What better than some luscious strawberries to create a love fun food design. We had the plate for dessert (a little early granted) and the boys were delighted.

Healthy Valentines dessert


– Fresh strawberries


1. I used a cookie cutter mold in the shape of a heart and filled it liberally with strawberries.

Valentines Heart - 1 mold-001

2. Then removed it slowly and the strawberries stayed in place … phew!

Valentines Heart - 2 strawberries-002

3. To make it clear what it was for I cut the date from another couple of berries.

Valentines Heart - 3 numbers-003

4. Then decorated with a few bits of left over strawberry and some desiccated coconut.

Healthy Valentines food

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Fun Valentine Hearts

Valentine’s Hearts

Valentine’s week continues and so here are my super simple, fun food salad plates ..

Healthy food for Valentines

Love food platesHealthy food ideasSpecial Valentines plates


– Capsicums (Bell peppers) in various colours

– I used a little celery for detail


1. I cut a big red heart from a red capsicum. I cut it freehand as the shape actually lends itself to a heart ..

Valentine Hearts - 1 red-004

as long as you have a sharp knife and aren’t too picky about symmetry!!

2. Then I cut an “I” and a “U” in the spirit of love …

Valentine Hearts - 2 I U-005

3. And added some colour.

Valentine Hearts - 3 green & yellow-006

4. Then I cut two smaller hearts from the red as well.

Valentine Hearts - 4 little reds-007

5. And used strips of celery to give the plate some balance and definition.

Valentine Hearts - 5 detail-008

6. A simple Valentines salad plate.

Cute Valentines ideas

That could be presented so many ways:

Creative Valentines Plates

Healthy Valentines Food

Valentine Hearts

The Art of Nutrition
Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small