So (and the irony is not wasted on me) the lady who spends countless happy hours creating food art from fruit and veg prepares very bog standard looking lunchboxes!

Fun, simple lunchboxes

I do not have the pretty boxes with all the little compartments to beautifully present every last morsel. But what I do have is:

1. Nutritious meals – every day.

2. Food that is soooo quick and simple to pack.

3. Lunches that sustain my boys from their big breakfast to their big dinner in the evening.

4. Vibrant colours that provide a variety of tastes, textures and nutrients and that can be eaten quickly and easily (busy boys).

5. Different foods every day of the week.

This is a standard “summer” lunchbox for us. It contains:

1. A pot of 5 types of chopped veggies (we always have raw veggies for lunch)

2. A pot of fruit – who doesn’t like apricots and cherries – yum!

3. Home-made yogurt with fermented blueberries (which the boys love). I have frozen it in deference to the weather so it’s a squeezy popsicle.

4. A piece of fresh corn. Gotta be done!

5. A thermos with fish and roast potatoes (leftovers from the evening meal)

Packing a meal like this literally takes no time at all and most is done the night before (fruit washed, yoghurt frozen etc.). Once you’re in a routine it doesn’t seem like a psychological hurdle or chore – although boy am I glad when holidays roll around!

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