Fun Melon Christmas Platter

Melon Christmas Platter

I needed a quick (under 10 mins) share platter for Joe’s last night at junior Cubs. More importantly it had to be transportable by my husband (ahhhhhhhh).

Here ‘tis, our fun food, Melon Christmas Platter.

Fun food art Christmas Platter


– Honeydew melon

– Pineapple

– Blueberries

– Strawberries

– Mandarin

– Desiccated coconut snow


1. Chop melon roughly and arrange in a Christmas tree shape.

Melon Xmas Platter - 1 melon-0219

2. Add a pineapple star.

Melon Xmas Platter - 2 star-0220

3. Then some blueberry baubles.

Melon Xmas Platter - 3 blueberries-0221

4. And some strawberry tips.

Melon Xmas Platter - 4 strawberries-0222

5. Mandarin segments make little lights.

Melon Xmas Platter - 5 mandarins-0223

6. And a big strawberry sliced in half a trunk.

Melon Xmas Platter - 6 trunk-0224

7. Finish with some coconut snow.

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