Fun Egg Flower

Egg Flower

Busy, busy at the moment so looking for really simple plates to present. I wanted to use some our lovely, fresh eggs to make a fun food breakfast plate. From this emerged a flower.

Fun food art breakfasts egg flower


– Fried egg

– Baby spinach (or other leaves)


1. I fried the egg and made sure there was white all around (when the egg first goes in the pan you can tip it a little to ensure this happens).

Egg Flower - 1 egg-001

2. Then used a sharp knife to slice all around to make the flower shape. You can buy flower shaped silicon molds, but I don’t have one!

Egg Flower - 2 flower shape-002

3. Add some leaves.

Egg Flower - 3 leaves-003

4. And eat …

Fun food art flower

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