Fun Banana Giraffes

Banana Giraffes

I made these as a tribute to Marius, the giraffe that became surplus to Copenhagen Zoo but they are super cute so could be used for any occasion.

Healthy food giraffe

A simple fun food plate that anyone can tackle.


– 1 large banana

– I used apricots for the pattern but any orange/brown fruit would do (pear, stone fruit even apples)

– I used blueberries for eyes and nostrils (raisins/dates would substitute)

– I used pears for foliage but any green fruit would work


1. Cut the centre part from the banana and then slice into two.

Banana Giraffes - 1 bananas-001

2. Then I cut them a little thinner (with a wiggle) and sliced the top in preparation for the heads.

Banana Giraffes - 2 cut bananas-002

3. I used another part of the banana to cut 2 head shapes then placed them on the top of the necks.

Banana Giraffes - 3 heads-003

4. Fresh apricots made great patterns for them and make them look way more “giraffe like”.

Banana Giraffes - 4 spots-005

5. Then I sliced a blueberry in half to make the eyes.

Banana Giraffes - 5 eyes-006

6. And used more banana to give them some flamboyant ears.

Banana Giraffes - 6 ears-007

7. And more blueberry for their nostrils.

Banana Giraffes - 7 nostrils-008

8. Then it was time for their ossicones (horns) made from thin slices of banana with a tiny rectangle on top.

Banana Giraffes - 8 ossicones-009

9. As they are up in the trees we needed some foliage. I cut a pear into thin slices and placed along the bottom of the plate.

Fun food for kids

10. And a few more at the top.

Cute food ideas giraffe

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