Pasta Train – Choo Chew ….

Choo chew, veggies coming through ….

This was a fun food design I did ages ago and the boys were delighted. As it’s on the front of the website I need to make good on my promise and give instructions as to how to make this fun food dinner.

Do not be intimidated by this as it’s actually quite simple and doesn’t take very long to put together. The veggies can all be steamed in one pot and the pasta in another and then it’s very quick and easy to build. As with most of my recipes older children can probably follow the instructions pretty much independently and the younger ones can help.

Healthy meal ideas

This is a fun way to present a very basic meal of pasta, cheese and veggies. Enjoy …

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Please substitute any of the veggies, I generally just make work what I have in the fridge.

– Wholemeal pasta. Penne works best because of the tubular shape.

– Carrots (for the engine)

– Green beans – for the window & carriage connectors

– 4 Cherry tomatoes (I used a slightly larger one for the back wheel of the engine hence why 4)

– Peas – for carriage load

– Mashed pumpkin – for carriage load

– Grated cheese – for steam

– Cauliflower – for clouds

– Pasta spirals – I used these for the track (the one on the front of the website uses spaghetti – again whatever is available. Cut the penne if you wish).


1. Build the shape of the engine. The penne slot against each other quite well but you can always slice off the ends to make them more rectangular.

Pasta Train - 1 Engine

Add two halves of a cherry tomato (slice off very end so it doesn’t roll around) for the front and back wheels.

2. Add the shape of the carriages and their wheels.

Pasta Train - 2 Engine & carriages

3. Slice steamed carrots to fill the inside of the engine.

Pasta Train - 3 Engine carrot filler

4. Add a funnel to top of the engine and beans for the window.

Pasta Train - 4 Engine window & funnel

5. Add the peas and pumpkin fillers for the carriages. Big piles in triangular shapes look best!!

Pasta Train - 5 Filled carriages

6. Add carriage links.

Pasta Train - 6 carriage links

7. Add cheesy steam and cauliflower clouds.

Pasta Train - 7 Steam & clouds

8. Place tracks beneath the train.

Fun train food

Chuff chuff into dinner ….]

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