Fun Egg Ghosts

Egg Ghosts

Ooh (or should it be wooo ooooo?) needed something quick and simple today so made some egg ghosts. Made by just whipping the egg whites with the stick blender until they form stiff peaks, cooking briefly in the oven and then pouring over the egg yolks and cooking for a few minutes. Delicious!

Here are our fun food, Egg Ghosts.

Fun food art Egg Ghosts


– Eggs (separated)

– Olives


1. Whip the egg whites in a bowl until stiff.

Egg Ghosts - 1 egg-0329

2. Form into the shape of ghosts.

Egg Ghosts - 2 shaped-0330

3. Cook in the oven 5-10 mins at 180 degrees.

Egg Ghosts - 3 cooked-0331

4. Add olive eyes and mouth.

Egg Ghosts - 4 faces-0332

5. Woooooooo woooooo!!

Healthy Halloween food Egg Ghosts

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