Fun Egg Witch

Egg Witch

A lovely, simple plate for Halloween.

Here’s our fun food, Egg Witch.

Healthy Halloween food Egg Witch


– Boiled egg

– Red Cabbage

– Carrot

– Peas

– Green beans

– Avocado

– Olive


1. Slice a boiled egg in half.

Egg Witch - 1 egg-0314

2. Cut the top of the egg and place a red cabbage hat on her head.

Egg Witch - 2 hat-0316

3. Add some carrot hair.

Egg Witch - 3 hair-0317

4. Then some peas for eyes.

Egg Witch - 4 eyes-0318

5. Give her a long bean nose and an avocado mouth.

Egg Witch - 5 nose & mouth-0319

6. Finish by opening up her mouth and adding some carrot stars and olive pupils.

Fun food art Egg Witch

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