Fun Avocado Frankenstein

Avo Frankenstein

A nice, light snack for Halloween …

Here’s our fun food, Avo Frankenstein.

Halloween fun food Avocado Frankenstein

– Avocado

– Olives

– Cheese (I used cottage)


1. Slice the avocado in half and cut into a face shape.

Avo Frnakenstein - 1 face-0354

2. Add some olive hair.

Avo Frnakenstein - 2 hair-0355

3. And some avo ears.

Avo Frnakenstein - 3 ears-0356

4. Then a nose and mouth.

Avo Frnakenstein - 4 nose & mouth-0357

5. Make a bolt to go through the neck.

Avo Frankenstein - 5 bolt-0358

6. Give him some eyes made from cheese and olives.

Avo Frankenstein - 6 eyes-0359

7. I used a sharp knife to give him a forehead and stitches.

Avo Frankenstein - 7 forehead-0360

8. Finish with a little décor.

Fun food art Avocado Frankenstein

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