Fun Yoghurt Graveyard – Halloween

Yoghurt Graveyard

I’m on a Halloween roll!

Yoghurt = ghosts. It’s true!!

Here’s my simple, fun and quick fruity graveyard.

Creative breakfast for kids Halloween


– Pear (or apple/melon)

– Yoghurt (I used home-made Greek style)

– I used flaked almonds, sunflower seeds and a strawberry for detail

– Raisins – for ghost eyes and mouth

Note: I made some changes as I went through. I realised the ghosties had to be bigger and that the one on the left was too close to the grave and needed to scoot away!


1. Pile up the yoghurt to make the ghosts (I made them bigger as I went along).

Yoghurt Graveyard - 1 Yoghurt (1 of 1)


Tip: If your yoghurt is a bit soft then you can freeze for a while to thicken. Also you can put a piece of fruit underneath to build the ghost up more effectively.

2. Cut a gravestone from the inside of a pear.

Yoghurt Graveyard - 2 gravestone (1 of 1)


3. I used strips from the side of the pear to make a grave.

Yoghurt Graveyard - 3 grave (1 of 1)


I also cut R.I.P. into the gravestone and smeared with juice from a strawberry (which you can just see).

4. Then I put detail around the back of the stone using flaked almonds and a strawberry sliced.

Yoghurt Graveyard - 4 grave surrounds (1 of 1)


And filled the grave with sunflower seeds – like gravel!

5. I built the ghosties up a bit and gave them raisin eyes.

Yoghurt Graveyard - 5 eyes (1 of 1)


But realised that the ghost on the left was too close so had to move it left and squeeze up the grave a smidge.

6. Then the ghosts needed mouths.

Healthy breakfast Halloween

Woooooooooo hoooooooooooo.

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Fun Pasta Skeleton – Halloween

Pasta Skeleton

Skeletons are an iconic Halloween figure and so easy to make and share.

Here is my fun, cartoon style pasta skeleton.

Fun food for children Halloween



– Pasta – I used wholemeal penne and spirals (I wanted to call them a flashy Italian name but they are alas called “spirals” ….)

– Cheese – for the skull

– Steamed carrots for the hands and feet

– Corn – for joints

– I used olives for the skull detail


1. Cut the skull shape from a slice of cheese.



2. Add collarbone and upper arms.

Pasta Skeleton - 2 arms (1 of 1)


I used corn as the elbows then the penne again for the lower arms.

3. Add spinal column from corn and ribs from spirals.

Pasta Skeleton - 3 ribs (1 of 1)


4. Make hips and upper legs.

Pasta Skeleton - 4 Hips (1 of 1)


5. Then add corn knees and lower legs.

Pasta Skeleton - 5 legs (1 of 1)


6. I cut hands and feet from steamed carrots (that had been cut lengthways).

Pasta Skeleton - 6 hands & feet (1 of 1)


7. Then I gave him a face cut from olive. Two eye sockets, teeth and nostrils.

8. And he is ready to be eaten!

Healthy food Halloween


The Art of Nutrition
Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small.