Fun Mushroom Lion

Mushroom Lion

We love raw veggies and love lions … sooo, here is our fun food, Mushroom Lion.

Creative healthy snacks Lion


– Mushroom

– Carrot

– Cucumber

– Olive

– Red capsicum (bell pepper)


1. Slice the top from a button mushroom and cut into the shape of a lion’s face.

Mushroom Lion - 1 face-0241

2. Add thinly sliced carrot batons for the mane.

Mushroom Lion - 2 mane-0242

3. Then mushroom ears.

Mushroom Lion - 3 ears-0243

4. And more mane.

Mushroom Lion - 4 more mane-0244

5. I gave him some rock star eyes but flipped them over later.

Mushroom Lion - 5 eyes-0245

6. Olive makes a shiny nose and capsicum a big mouth.

Mushroom Lion - 6 nose & mouth-0246

7. Mushroom and olives form his irises and pupils.

Mushroom Lion - 7 iris & pupils-0247

8. Then he needed more mane.

Mushroom Lion - 8 ear covering-0248

9. And his eyes to be flipped.

Mushroom Lion - 9 eye flip-0249

10. Some cucumber whiskers.

Mushroom Lion - 10 whiskers-0250

11. Finishing with some grass.

Fun food art Mushroom Lion

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