Fun Valentine Hearts

Valentine’s Hearts

Valentine’s week continues and so here are my super simple, fun food salad plates ..

Healthy food for Valentines

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– Capsicums (Bell peppers) in various colours

– I used a little celery for detail


1. I cut a big red heart from a red capsicum. I cut it freehand as the shape actually lends itself to a heart ..

Valentine Hearts - 1 red-004

as long as you have a sharp knife and aren’t too picky about symmetry!!

2. Then I cut an “I” and a “U” in the spirit of love …

Valentine Hearts - 2 I U-005

3. And added some colour.

Valentine Hearts - 3 green & yellow-006

4. Then I cut two smaller hearts from the red as well.

Valentine Hearts - 4 little reds-007

5. And used strips of celery to give the plate some balance and definition.

Valentine Hearts - 5 detail-008

6. A simple Valentines salad plate.

Cute Valentines ideas

That could be presented so many ways:

Creative Valentines Plates

Healthy Valentines Food

Valentine Hearts

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Fun Balloon Valentine

Balloon Valentine

Exactly a week to go until Valentine’s Day so I thought I’d start with a few topical fun food plates!

Here are my love heart balloons.

Healthy Valentines snacks


– Watermelon for the balloons (or any red fruit)

– I used plums for the bodies (apple/pear/stone fruit/melon)

– I used blueberries for their heads

– I made the strings from sunflower seeds


1. I cut bodies for the people from plum.

Balloon Valentine - 1 body-013

2. And added arms.

Balloon Valentine - 2 arms-012

3. Then legs.

Balloon Valentine - 3 legs-011

4. I added half a blueberry each for a head.

Balloon Valentine - 4 heads-010

5. Then used sunflower seeds to create the balloon strings. It wasn’t quite as frustrating to do as I thought it would be!

Balloon Valentine - 5 strings-009

6. Next I used a cookie cutter to make three balloons each.

Balloon Valentine - 6 balloons-008

7. Gave them some sunflower seeds to walk on …

Creative Valentines Day food

And off they wandered into the sunset …

The Art of Nutrition
Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small