Vegecational Video Ventures 12 – Muesli Easter Eggs

Vegecational Video Ventures 12 – Muesli Easter Eggs

When Max was 4 he asked “how come everyone else gets to keep the eggs the Easter Bunny brings and I have to give mine back?” Valid point! Fortunately we were able to communicate with the Easter Bunny and ensure that instead of bringing chocolate eggs the following year he brought something that Max would like to eat.

Each year I make something special to be wrapped up and hidden on Easter Sunday morning. Max is well past the believing stage but who doesn’t like the thrill of the hunt? This year Joe is very sceptical but I know that come Sunday he will be delighted to rush around and try and beat Max to the most eggs.

Sugar free Easter Eggs

Last year I made “muesli eggs” from a muesli bar recipe and wrapped them in silver paper. They were a huge hit with my husband even trying to sneak them away from the boys. So this year I went with the “if it aint broke don’t fix it” theory and made a similar batch of wrapped eggs. I will then freeze so they stay fresh and are easy to take away on holiday with us.

Check out the video below. So simple and so effective and a great alternative to chocolate:


– Favourite muesli bar

– Favourite wrapping


1. Bake the muesli bar mix.

Muesli Bar Eggs - Mix (1 of 1)

2. Roll rough egg shapes.

Muesli Bar Eggs - Eggs (1 of 1)

3. Wrap.

Muesli Bar Eggs - Wrapped (1 of 1)

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