Fun Mushroom Jellyfish

Mushroom Jellyfish

I was preparing an Asian dish and the bean sprouts/mung beans just looked just like tentacles. I had the mushrooms, brown rice and veg ready so this fun food Mushroom Jellyfish was born!

Cute food for kids Mushroom Jellyfish


– Mushrooms (I used the dark caps)

– Bean sprouts/mung beans

– Brown rice (or cous cous or chopped veggies)

– Carrot

– Red Capsicum/Bell Pepper

– I used spinach & celery for the sea bed


1. Cut the sautéed mushrooms in half (or you can eat raw if you prefer).

Mushroom Jellyfish - 1 mushrooms (1 of 1)

2. Add the bean sprouts/mung beans as tentacles.

Mushroom Jellyfish - 2 beansprouts (1 of 1)

3. Add the rice for the sea-bed.

Mushroom Jellyfish - 3 rice (1 of 1)

4. Then add other veg to give the seabed colour.

Mushroom Jellyfish - 4 veggies (1 of 1)

5. Cut a few fish from carrot and capsicum …

Fun food art Mushroom Jellyfish

Simple, quick, crunchy and delicious.

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Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small

Fun, Flower Pot Veggies

Flower Pot Veggies

I was looking at a pot of brown lentils one time and I thought soil. And then I thought flower pots. I went to the local garden centre and bought a couple of the cheap ceramic pots and started experimenting. From this my flower pot series emerged. The boys think it’s the best fun to eat out of a ceramic pot with a teaspoon. Even better when I make a selection of “flowers” and they can choose their favourites.

     Healthy fun food for kids

These are my lentil soil and cooked veggie versions. Simple, fun food and delicious. Use any veggies you have to hand and get creative!


– I used a brown lentil dish (with tomatoes, onion, garlic etc.). Any mince/ chilli dish/ bolognaise style dish would be fantastic.

– A selection of cooked veg. I used peas, cauliflower, carrot, corn, green beans and mashed pumpkin.

– I also used baby spinach leaves and half a cherry tomato.

Substitute anything you have to hand.


1. Fill the flower pots with lentil/mince mixture. The ones I bought have a drainage hole at the bottom so I plug it with baking paper.

Flower Pots - 1 Pots

2. I made a cauliflower, pea and green bean “flower”.

Healthy fun food for kids

3. Then half a cherry tomato with cauliflower centre, corn detail and spinach leaves.

Healthy food for children

4. Pot 3 was filled with mashed pumpkin and decorated with green bean shoots.

Fun recipes for kids

5. And then the last pot was peas, green beans and carrots cut into shapes (badly!).

Healthy, creative food for children

6. Then put them all together.

Healthy food for kids

7. This is so versatile and there are so many other options ….

Healthy fun food for children

Healthy, creative, fun food for kids big and small.
The Art of Nutrition.