Fun Cabbage Bat

Cabbage Bat

Was having avocado for lunch and decided to build it into a bat. Surprisingly easy and pretty cool (even if I do say so myself).

Fun food, Red Cabbage Bat.

Fun food art Cabbage Bat


– Avocado

– Red cabbage

– Olive

– Carrot (optional)


1. Slice an avocado in half, peel off the skin and cut into a circular shape.

Cabbage Bat - 1 body-0300

2. Cut red cabbage leaves to make wings (a sharp knife or scissors work).

Cabbage Bat - 2 wings-0301

3. Give her some wings.

Cabbage Bat - 3 ears-0304

4. Then slice an olive for the eyes.

Cabbage Bat - 4 eyes-0305

5. Add some feet.

Cabbage Bat - 5 feet-0306

6. And if you like an orange moon.

Cute food for Halloween Cabbage Bat

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