Fun Mash and Mince Teddies

Mince and Mash Teddies

I reckon my husband is one of the few men who return home from work to eat teddy bears for dinner. Apparently they taste delicious!!

This is a lovely, fun food and easy dish to make. Add a few veggies and you have a full meal for the family. The kids can decorate their own teddies and everyone is happy. As usual get creative and use whatever you have lying around. I have used a chilli bean and mince recipe with my mashed potato. Use beetroot to stain the mash if you want pink teddies.

Healthy meals for kids


– Meat mix (or a lentil/bean vegetarian/vegan option)

– Mashed potato

– I used corn, carrot and olives for detail


1. Use a cookie cutter mold to make teddies.

 Chilli Teddies - mold

2. I have alternated mince and potato.

Chilli Teddies - moldx2


3. I wish now I hadn’t used a white plate as the mash disappears in the photos!!!

Mince Teddie - 3 4 Teddies

4. Then add the teddy features. I used mince on the potato and mash on the meat.

Healthy fun food for children

Then I added carrot, corn and olives to make hands, feet, bow ties and faces.

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