Fun Fruit Clown

Fruit Clown

Gail asked for a fruit clown in the style of the salad one so here it is especially for Gail. I actually created him that day but there have been so many other designs vying for space on the blog that he kept getting delayed!!

This is such an easy, fun food way to present fruit for a party, playgroup, kinder, playdate or other social gathering.

      Healthy party plate clown

As with the veggie clown it is very simple to create and as you can see from the Kids Specials page on the website children of all ages can do their own version. In fact it’s a great group or party activity and an easy way to get everyone eating fresh food.


– 2 Bananas

– 2 large kiwi fruit

– 1 red apple

– 1 plum

– 1 mandarin

– 1 slice melon

As usual you could substitute all of these. If you prefer use apple slices instead of banana or melon instead of kiwi or pear instead of plum. I always just create from what’s in the fridge. Although, admittedly I go to the markets once every week and come back laden with sacks of veggies and fruit for the week so my fridge is always overstocked!!


1. Make a circle from bananas for the face.

Fruit Clown - 1 Banana

2. Add kiwi slices in the shape of the hat.

Fruit Clown - 2 + hat

3. Cut a mouth and nose from the outside of the apple.

Fruit Clown - 3 + Nose & mouth

4. Cut slices from a plum to make the crosses.

Fruit Clown - 4 + eyes

5. And slice the plum cheeks to make the eyes.

Fruit Clown - 5 + eye crosses

6. Use mandarin segments to give him hair.

Fruit Clown - 6 Hair + Bobble

And a circle of flesh cut from the apple to make a bobble for the hat.

7. Add some melon slices for a tie with a circle of plum for the centre of the bow.

Healthy food for children clown

8. A great fun way to eat a shared dessert.

Healthy party plate clown

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