Healthy Pastry


Pastry is such a good medium for the creative and a great crowd pleaser at the table. I have to admit though I avoided it for years as it’s also not top of the “healthy foods” list.

Then I decided to see if I could make a substitute that would work for the family, and satisfy the husband taste test. I looked at alternatives on the internet and then experimented at home and have come up with something that works for us. Admittedly it’s not the uber flaky, melt in the mouth type of pastry found at a top deli but it does hold a healthy pie/quiche filling capably and its crispiness has won over many a party goer.

Great fun to create with and not unhealthy to boot ….


1 ½ cups wholemeal flour
¾ cup wholegrain oats (or rolled)
1 cup of cold water


– Pour flour and oats into a bowl
– Add cold water gradually (you may not need a full cup)
– Stir until the mixture forms a dough (should not be wet)
– Bring together with the hands (it will be quite stiff)

Pastry Mix

– Roll out on a board using a rolling pin (this needs a bit of muscle)

Pastry - rolling

– Roll as thin as possible. If it gets too thin holes will appear.
– Place into greased pan or bowl for baking. It does shrink a little so be generous.
– Cook at 180 for approx. 25-30 mins (it will get crunchier and browner the longer it is cooked for).
– If you are using with a filling then pre-bake for 15-20 mins before adding the mixture.
– If you want to make a pastry lid add once the mixture has been added. Egg washing gives a lovely shiny, appealing finish.
– This quantity would easily fill a large pie tin and make cover.

It’s great to work with as there is no resting in the fridge and it’s very forgiving as holes/tears can be patched effectively.
I have used in many designs which I will share as we go. Today I will post “Two in the Bed”.

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