Fun Space Salad

Space Salad

Making a simple salad just that little bit more exciting is a breeze.

Here’s our fun food, Space Salad.

Fun food for kids Space Salad


– Radish

– Celery

– Cucumber

– Yellow capsicum (bell pepper)

– Carrot

– Oat bran (or coconut)


1. Cut a moon from a slice of radish (later made it a crescent moon).

Space Salad - 1 moon (1 of 1)

Space Salad - 2 satellite (1 of 1)

2. Create a satellite from celery and cucumber.


3. Add some capsicum stars.

Space Salad - 3 stars (1 of 1)

4. Then change the moon to a crescent and add a carrot and radish planet.

Space Salad - 4 moon & planets (1 of 1)

5. Finish with an oat bran galaxy.

Fun food art Space Salad

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Fun Apple Alien

Apple Alien

Lovely, crunchy apples and space – what could be more exciting and delicious!

A simple alien in his flying saucer, a great fun food snack or dessert.

Space alien healthy snacks for kids


– Red apple

– Grapes


1. Slice the apple in half.

Apple Alien - 1 Apple (1 of 1)

2. Cut the shape of the space ship.

Apple Alien - 2 base (1 of 1)

3. Then give it a base cut from the outside of the apple.

Apple Alien - 3 bottom (1 of 1)

4. Use some more apple for the dome.

Apple Alien - 4 cabin (1 of 1)

5. Then add some grapes as detail.

Apple Alien - 5 detail (1 of 1)

6. Put a little grape alien in the cockpit and give him an eye.

Apple Alien - 6 alien (1 of 1)

7. Make his craft stable with some apple landing gear.

Apple Alien - 7 legs (1 of 1)

8. Use apple with grape halves on the end for antennae.

Apple Alien - 8 antennae (1 of 1)

9. A few apple planets and he’s ready to fly.

Space Alien cute food for kids

The Art of Nutrition
Fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small