Fun Valentine’s Strawberry Heart

Valentine’s Strawberry Heart

Nothing says love and Valentine’s like a heart … and especially a red one!!

What better than some luscious strawberries to create a love fun food design. We had the plate for dessert (a little early granted) and the boys were delighted.

Healthy Valentines dessert


– Fresh strawberries


1. I used a cookie cutter mold in the shape of a heart and filled it liberally with strawberries.

Valentines Heart - 1 mold-001

2. Then removed it slowly and the strawberries stayed in place … phew!

Valentines Heart - 2 strawberries-002

3. To make it clear what it was for I cut the date from another couple of berries.

Valentines Heart - 3 numbers-003

4. Then decorated with a few bits of left over strawberry and some desiccated coconut.

Healthy Valentines food

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