Re-learning How to Cook

Re-learning How to Cook

As Max is determined to remain a vegetarian for a while I need to rethink the way I cook. It is not enough to dump the meat and add some melted cheese or an egg. I am gradually getting better at providing meals that are tasty and nutritious without the traditional proteins I would add. But I am still a long way off being confident that I am providing a balanced diet and being able to serve enough decent protein substitutes and fat to keep Max satiated. Not only do I not want him to feel hungry but I want to make sure he is looking forward to meals with the same enthusiasm he used to. Ahhh, to be at a less busy point so I have the luxury of spending hours perusing new recipe ideas. But alas that is not so. I have however, made a promise to myself that I will do one recipe specifically for Max every other day so I am at least moving forwards and getting closer to serving the sort of food that will tick all of my boxes.

Healthy Kids Lunchboxes

The lunchbox shown is Joe’s from this morning. Chopped veg, corn, nectarine, plum, home-made yoghurt with fermented strawberries and blueberries. To go in the thermos a marinated chicken wing, a zucchini fritter and some potato wedges. Max got the same but minus the chicken wing and I added a broccoli burger and some melted cheese (yes I resorted to the melted cheese … sigh). In my defense the broccoli burger was a new recipe and it rocked!

Non grain quiche

I am feeling very smug about tonight though. Check out the Kumara (sweet potato) Quiche. It looks and smells fab and I tasted the mixture and can confirm that if Max doesn’t like it I will be quite happy to snarf the whole lot.

The Art of Nutrition

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